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Here is a small batch of some of my latest projects, both completed and ongoing. These should provide you with an insight of some of the work I have been undertaking recently.

Please forgive the lack of specific detail here. This is due to ongoing non-disclosure agreements and the requests of agencies I have represented.

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Social Media

An iOS app with accompanying website

For this project I have been working as part of the core team for a privately funded start-up. Initially my role was to design and develop the user experience for the web portion of the project. Over time however and my role has evolved to continually work to improve the user experience on the iOS app that is under development.

My regular work on this project spans the full range of UX design skills. For example, on a large feature build I started out by discussing the concept and collating ideas from both the project leaders and development team. From here I sketched out the wireframes, eventually building these in to interactive prototypes for testing. Once iterated and early problems solved I helped project manage the feature build, staying on hand for work through questions and emerging problems with the development team. With a QA hat on I worked with the core team to make sure we were sufficiently ready to roll out the feature testing. Once there, it's time to collate feedback and polish. 

The project is currently in the closed testing phase with plans to officially launch before the end of the year.


Designing a front-end solution for enterprise's online store

The goal of this project was to overhaul the sorely neglected ecommerce portion of an enterprise level storage company. This included everything from the basic cart interaction design to planning and executing a full checkout user journey which branched to allow for order reservation & collection as well as standard delivery.

To start out this project I spent some time getting to understand the prospective user's motivations and what was currently causing abandonment over purchase completions. I then worked closely with the development team to get their insights and understand their challenges so the designs could be executed with as little pain as possible.

The project front-end was built using AngularJS to allow for a fast and responsive user interface with many smart elements to provide the smoothest user experience possible. 

This project went live earlier this year and has seen a significant increase in sales since its launch.

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Team Portal

An internal portal for improving the spread of knowledge across teams

This project was undertaken for a large multi-national consumer electronics manufacturer. It was created to allow its teams to better communicate their work internally to each other.

The concept that the client requested was fairly simple in its presentation which allowed in this instance for the design process to run in tandem with the build, something which I also undertook. Though simple there was some interesting added complexity with real time resource searches (powered via Algolia) and custom front-end content managing tools so not to force the users in to using the potentially more confusing underlying content management system.